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  • Nov25

    Feeding the City Symposium at the Fairmont Royal York - Toronto Corporate Event Photography by Kevin Chung

    One thing I’ve learned as a corporate event photographer in Toronto is that the world around us is always advancing rapidly. Working with a wide range of clients at the heart of this global mega-city, I see firsthand both the benefits and challenges introduced by our complex and fast-paced world today when I photograph various conferences and professional development events.

    It always makes me happy though, when I have the unique opportunity to work with organizations/companies dedicated to affecting positive change through their initiatives. Simply being present for presentations made by some of the world’s brightest minds is a particularly thrilling experience for me, as a largely self-taught individual passionate about education and health.

    At the “Feeding the City” symposium, international experts from all over the globe gathered at the Fairmont Royal York to share their thoughts on business and trade relations within their industry in our urbanizing world, culminating in a fascinating panel discussion on disruption in the food industry.

    As my career continues to progress and I’m able to more or less select my clients over time, I hope to devote more and more of my time and skills towards working with organizations that promoting awareness or professional development in the fields of education and health.


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  • Jul20

    Design Within Reach - Toronto Event Photography by Kevin Chung

    I love beautiful things. Lines, colours and space – a moment, an expression, a mood..

    When some clients ask me to explain what sets me apart from other photographers, I’m pretty straightforward: I make creative decisions intuitively in any event situation at this point, and I can make any environment/subject look more appealing than it actually may be. Put me in a fabulous space with good light and lots of candid photo opportunities though, and the results can be pretty special. No ‘shot list’ was necessary for this gallery and you’ll see that I loved photographing the Grand Opening of Design Within Reach’s new flagship store =)

    Many thanks to Kim for being a pleasure to work with throughout the process, and best of luck to Jeyda and the Toronto team – “welcome to the best in modern design” indeed!


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  • Jul15

    The Stop's Night Market - Toronto Event Photography by Kevin Chung

    My incredible summer of awesome event assignments continues! A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing The Stop’s Night Market, which is an annual charity night market benefiting anti-hunger programs in Toronto.

    While I’m by no means a hipster foodie, I’m definitely a fatty at heart and I love exploring good eats in our immeasurably diverse city. As you can imagine, being surrounded by all kinds of delectable dishes, desserts and drinks curated by expert chefs looking to share their passion was a whole other kind of heaven for this food lover.

    Shout outs to David and the wonderful team at Winners Products / Coleman Grills for having me document this meaningful extravaganza on a beautiful summer’s eve, and special thanks in particular to the lovely staff at Carmen, The 47 and The Emerson for taking care of me all evening!


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  • Jul1

    Unbounce: Conversion Road Trip at the TIFF Lightbox - Toronto Corporate Event Photography by Kevin Chung

    One of my favourite aspects about being a corporate event photographer in Toronto is constantly being able to learn on the job. While working closely with my clients, I’m able to experience and observe the institutional values of each company, which then allows me to understand what helps make each of these companies unique and successful. Over time, I’ve noticed that while most of my clients are quite different from one another, they are all similar in their success – and also in their attention to maintaining a positive corporate culture that represents them.

    At professional conferences, I’m also fortunate enough to learn from the presentations themselves, as the international experts that speak at these types of events often provide invaluable insights not available to the average consumer. I take great pride in constantly re-evaluating my work, and in bettering myself on a regular basis, so I’m definitely always inspired when I see top professionals in other fields taking the time to share their passion and knowledge with others.

    All of this was definitely in play when I had the opportunity to work with the great people from Unbounce a few weeks ago, as they held their inaugural Call-to-Action Conference at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto. One thing that stuck out from even their earliest correspondence with me was that they were not an average company, and that they were not putting on any ordinary conference (amazing after-party at SPiN Toronto!) – and I was super excited to work with them, knowing that I wasn’t the average corporate photographer, either. From their attention to detail throughout the day and their great lineup of speakers, they clearly cared a ton about providing an unforgettable experience for each of their attendees, while educating and inspiring them at the same time.

    I had a blast being present for Unbounce’s first ever conference in Toronto, and I look forward to working with this great company based out of my hometown (Vancouver) again in the future!


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