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What exactly is social media? By now, you’ve probably heard the term thrown around numerous times – in the news, in TV ads, you name it. Usually the term is used to reference popular websites like Facebook, Myspace & Twitter, but specifically, social media is better defined as “internet-based applications that allow and encourage the creation and exchange of user-generated content.” Building on the technologies of web 2.0, social media now affects each and every one of us on a daily basis, from big businesses to governing bodies to individual consumers. Regardless of how each of these entities chooses to use social media, in an age where attention spans are shorter than ever, social media utilization has pretty much become the driving force of our current generation.

A couple nights ago, I came across a Toronto Facebook event where several keynote speakers were to speak on social media, for what happened to be the universal “social media day.” I contacted the organizers and before you knew it, Wednesday night rolled around and there I was, taking photos as well as listening to what these 3 specialists had to say about social media.

Our first speaker was Dimitar Popovski (@DDNMedia) from DDNMedia.com (Toronto-based developers of mobile apps Stylish Girl and Cool Guy), who got us started with an informative look at how social media has affected the fashion industry, both from the standpoint of big brands as well as consumers. Next, we had the privilege of a featured speech from social media guru Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) himself, who quickly highlighted the importance of social media using his own unique, engaging approach and several rousing real-life examples of social media’s profound value to our society. Last but not least, Much Music’s social media personality Casie Stewart (@CasieStewart) spoke about her own extraordinary involvement with social media on a professional level – masterminding several of Much Music’s popular social media accounts at once.

Besides being able to hear these professionals’ insights on social media, those of us in attendance also benefited from having a chance to meet and mingle with some of the other social media enthusiasts in our community in a casual, social environment. I wasn’t able to meet as many of you as I would’ve liked to (I had to leave early for my next gig), but I still found the night extremely productive – special thanks to Dan Levy (@Dan_L) and Netfirms.com (@Netfirms) for making the event possible, and also to the featured speakers, who made the event what it was!

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